I have been wanting to start a list like for some time now. Yes, there's not a day go by that at least one person not understand what I have said. In most cases, I have to repeat what I had said or communicate it in another way. (see my Communication Technique for more information)

Often people will repeat back to me what they think they heard me saying for clarification. This also let know me if the person has understood me, so I know whether to continue with the conversation or to try to correct them. Sometime, it can be quite hilarious what people repeat back you me what they think they heard me say.

Here are some them: (And more to come!)

Setting What they heard What I actually said
My support worker helping in the morning, getting food ready for Rosa, my dog. Rosa needs a sitting room  Rosa needs a chicken wing.
On the phone with a friend I need an hair appointment for Rosa. I need more ear ointment for Rosa


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